For us mentoring fills a gap between training and coaching.

As with training and coaching, our approach to mentoring is based on us quickly establishing very strong rapport with the individual client.

Combining all three – training, coaching and mentoring – provides a powerful set of resources to equip people for success.


Each of our coaches and trainers has experience in management, leadership, sales, training and coaching. And this allows them to offer mentoring as one approach in the development process.

This takes different forms to suit the need:

  • Sometimes we need to acknowledge that as part of a coaching approach we are going to ‘step across the line’ from time to time with a client in making a recommendation based on our experience.
  • Often clients will ask us to use a combined approach of 1-to-1 coaching and training, which becomes more like a mentoring relationship.
  • Often we are asked to provide teams and individuals with a formal mentoring programme based on our personal experience and expertise in the relevant disciplines involved.

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