Mentoring Approaches

For us mentoring fills a gap between training and coaching.

It’s also often about building an individual’s confidence, either in themselves or in how to get something done more effectively.

In these instances, we – and our clients – often prefer to choose a more ‘route one’ approach, drawing on our own extensive experience.

This is our approach:

  • Establishing rapport – getting a match – then leading. Pushing them along on the back of the strong connection to help them get what they want.
  • Getting the context first – finding out what’s going on, where are they at and where this all fits.
  • Finding out what they want and why – getting the leverage we need to be able to deliver for them.
  • Working closely with their boss – keeping confidentialities, but going for a ‘pincer movement’ together to help the person get what they want.
  • Knowing at which ‘change level’ the client’s blocks are (e.g. mindset or skills) and going for that first.
  • Building confidence through sponsorship (i.e. ‘you’ve got something special’).
  • Constantly raising the bar with them as their confidence increases – expecting more.
  • Being brave as the mentor when there’s a prize to be had – recognising that anger and tears are good sometimes to get the breakthrough that’s needed.
  • Making all our experience and knowledge available to them.
  • Choosing the right tool for the job e.g. Coach-Sell-Teach or Tell™ – we see all of these as having a valid place in a mentoring relationship.
  • Pinning them down to specific, timed actions to get things moving for them.
  • Keeping it real – no clichés, management-speak or jargon.
  • For some clients, watching them work and then giving them ‘in the moment’ feedback and guidance.