New FREE Podcast – David Bowie – Identities
We’re big fans of David Bowie and recorded this one before he sadly passed away, but the message lives on…

Many people tell us how much they’d like to have us with them – in the moment – for a Pre-Call Check for example, before today’s meeting, or a quick coaching session to help them look at things a little differently at the start or end of the day.  Many tell us they want to drive their own learning harder during programmes, or to top up their Coloured Square development once the workshops or coaching they receive come to an end.

If you’ve said this yourself, or you want ‘something’ for one of your team then we’ve got a couple of options for you.

1. “Squeeze Your Time”, our provocative mindset book which was published October 2013 – it’s all about how to think differently to get more out of yourself and out of your time.

Click on the first book cover to order your hard copy now via Amazon. Or, if you prefer the Kindle version, please click on the second one for an immediate download. You also have the option to purchase from our publisher, Silverwood Books

The audiobook version of Squeeze Your Time is now available from

2. Podcasts: if you want a quick provocative piece of thinking, or a complete coaching session to help you make progress with what you want, or if you want some thinking to help you deal with a situation you’re facing, then check out our podcasts.

A number are free, so you can quickly listen or download a selection to get a feel for our approach and sound.  Others range in length, and in price depending on the potential for use that each one offers.

So get started now – just click on the icon above to download your first sessions.