About Us

We’ve developed a strong reputation over 20 years for designing and delivering customised programmes with clients such as Lloyds Banking Group, Virgin Media, BT, Travelodge, News UK, Mail Newspapers, Screwfix, Universal Music and Halfords.

Whether we’re coaching, training or mentoring, our methodology, principles and models are immediately accessible and easy to understand.

  • “I can honestly say you had a very positive effect on my life and I will always appreciate the work you put into trying to improve me.”
  • “Excellent, resourceful time. Changing the way in which you work to get the most from your time. Thoroughly enjoyable”
  • “Great worthwhile training, which gives plenty to think about and will challenge the way you think by arming you with new tools.”

Our System

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Over the last 20 years, we’ve developed a powerful learning system:

Our best work is programmatic and combines group and 1:1 development, both on and off-job. We normally use two of us for group development, enabling us to intensify the learning experience, whilst providing personalised support for individuals during the workshops. Where possible, we combine line management and direct reports on the same event – this means we can work very practically on real issues and get change happening quickly.

Our work combines:

  • Leading subject matter theory (e.g. management & leadership)
  • Thinking skills, NLP & Accelerated Learning
  • Key communication principles – rapport, closing, listening, advising, noticing and questioning.

Our approach is to focus concurrently in 3 areas:

  • Mindsets – the ways of thinking which the individual needs to confront and change in order to make different behaviours and approaches possible.
  • Tools & Processes – simple, easy to learn and implement processes and communication structures to guide people through the ‘difference’ to give them what they need.
  • Behaviours – we use simple ideas like Influencing Styles to help the individual recognise behaviour patterns in themself and others, and to identify new behavioural options to try.

In order to keep people engaged and pressing on with their development, we often provide Self Directed Learning briefs between training or coaching interventions.

These are very simple to complete pieces of activity and may include follow up sessions for them to include in their team meetings, DVDs to watch, readings, YouTube clips etc.

We may also direct them to ideas contained within our books, ‘Squeeze Your Time‘, ‘Kill The Robot‘, ‘Don’t Strain LittleBrain‘, our latest publication ‘Coach-Sell-Teach-Tell’, or one or more short podcasts in their own ‘Client Area’.

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