Our areas of expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Selling
  • Marketing
  • Trainer training
  • Coaching training
  • Mentor training
  • Personal development
    • Our first book ‘Squeeze Your Time’ ​​continues to sell well with clients who want to develop their levels of self-leadership and personal organisation.
    • Kill The Robot‘ our second book, was published in Spring 2017 and focuses on communication principles and their application to ​running ​meetings and ​delivering presentations.
    • We’ve also recently developed ​a very strong package of material in the area of ​Personal Wellbeing and Resilience. This has been very well received in workshops​ and ​1-to-1 coaching sessions, and our latest book ‘Don’t Strain LittleBrain‘ ​covers these areas in a succinct and accessible style, typical of the Coloured Square approach.

What you can expect

There are no PowerPoint presentations on our training courses. There’s not much sitting down or passive listening. Our workshops are full of energy, challenge, colour and multimedia experiences.

You’ll see lots of movement around key models on the floor and walls, because we believe movement embeds learning. Usually you will see people doing real pieces of work… real play, not ‘role play’… so they can start to practice new behaviours immediately. You’ll see group discussions and paired activities. We teach our delegates to coach very early on, so they can push each other further.

A huge part of what we do is modelling what works. We draw delegates’ attention to what they are doing well and what we are doing well. Equally, what we are not doing well. You’ll hear us giving direct instructions and asking questions to keep people on their toes. You’ll notice us working in the moment and changing the workshop structure and direction so we can work with what’s important at the time to drive change.

We demand a high level of commitment from delegates and stakeholders.

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