About Us

Coloured Square creates change and drives results
  • We provoke powerful new mindsets
  • We generate new behaviours (insisting people use them for real while they’re with us)
  • We embed a range of easy to use, common-sense tools
  • We inject pace, energy and confidence into the indivduals and groups we work with

Whether we’re coaching, training or mentoring, our methodology, principles and models are immediately accessible and easy to understand. We work hard to quickly establish rapport. We quickly make them feel relaxed – whilst at the same time, have them feel a sense of ‘I’m slightly on the edge… I don’t quite know what’s coming next & I better stay alert.’  We have fun, but we also work people hard and we expect a lot from them.

We’ve never advertised and we don’t do networking events. We generate our business through extending our reach through existing clients, word of mouth, and clients moving to new businesses.

One client told us… ‘you’ve revolutionised my business. On the ground, Coloured Square brings in the results. You work in the moment and change things when you need to. You’ve given us a common language and up-skilled us. You’ve proved we can lift performance even more.”



Our learning system combines key elements of leading subject matter theory, thinking skills, NLP and Accelerated Learning, and drives tangible financial and non-financial returns.

We set out to achieve rapid and permanent changes in mindsets, behaviours and processes, resulting in improved performance. We know we achieve these changes because of our own evaluation methodology and because our clients’ testimonials tell us we do. They tell us that our work:

  • Creates big and lasting shifts in our 3 core areas of mindsets, behaviours and processes
  • Has an immediate and profound impact on them – and not just in the work environment
  • Is different from anything they’ve ever experienced before and leads to big changes in attitude towards training and how they apply it in their day-to-day work
  • Provides immediately useable tools that they’re itching to get on and use

Not only that, continued feedback means that we know the learning remains embedded within client organisations for many years after our final work.

Integrity and commitment

Our success relies on our integrity and commitment to getting results. We know – and our clients know – that we’re delivering the best product and one that’s been properly designed to the highest standards and thoroughly road-tested over the best part of 20 years. We talk clients out of pieces of work that don’t represent the ‘right’ intervention, which won’t work, or could be done more cheaply internally.

Embedding change

We have a number of approaches that define this commitment to embedding change throughout an organisation.

We identify an account manager for all clients. Sometimes, we identify a project manager for each project within the client. The account manager and project manager are in constant contact to ensure lasting change.

Our approach to delivery (usually using more than one trainer) means that we are able to land personalised development for individuals during the event, as well as group development. We quickly equip delegates to be able to feed-back and co-coach each other throughout workshops, which helps us speed up the process of engagement & learning.

We design issue line manager briefs, evaluation tools and return on investment questionnaires that ensure that all delegates are under pressure to implement their learning to achieve particular and measurable impacts back in their workplace.

Continuous development

Quality is everything to us and we do what it takes to preserve and improve it.

During events we’re not only constantly refining the agenda, according to where we’re at and what’s needed, but we also ask for feedback from delegates as we go, so that we can immediately address any concerns that may exist.

Periodically, we go ‘3-up’ with Coloured Square coaches when they’re working in the field – training or coaching, to audit their approach and develop their performance. On these occasions, we don’t charge the client for either of us.