Our Philosophy

The Coloured Square learning system is very particular, and continues to evolve.  Everything we do is designed to create change, by…

  • Attacking attitudes and mindsets first & throughout, to change the way people think about themselves, their role & their business – helping people spot how their thinking habits are driving particular behaviours, ways of working & their performance levels.
  • Finding ways to get people trying out new behaviours straight away (e.g. on the phone to direct reports) so they’re confident – and wanting to – immediately apply their learning.
  • Giving people appropriate and simple processes to guide their thinking and their behaviours in the areas of performance which they want to improve.
  • Keeping things real – using ‘real plays’ and live pieces of work, rather than role plays
  • Getting people working on the specific commercial context of their role, applying skills to this context even in a workshop.
  • Establishing strong rapport early so that we can increase levels of challenge as soon as possible, and give individuals activities which will stretch them.
  • Using lots of sensory stimulation to keep people engaged
  • Following Accelerated Learning and NLP principles to drive learning and layering one idea with another
  • Using two trainers to enable individual coaching at the same time as group training – helping people apply what they’re learning directly to themselves and begin trying out changes immediately
  • Training different hierarchical levels in the same workshop – ‘workshop within a workshop’ – in order to get everybody on the same page, and significantly to enable managers to begin role modelling the ideas which their direct reports are learning to manage them (even before the workshop has ended)
  • Doing just enough investigation to understand the business, the roles, mindsets and challenges facing people, and be able to use the language of the people we’re working with
  • Completing detailed, tailored design then get present, be light on our feet and do what’s needed
  • Producing simple to use evaluation tools to estimate the real commercial value of what’s been achieved
  • Producing self directed learning briefs to keep people engaged in the learning process between workshops – these are designed to be so easy that they’re impossible not to complete

We know that mindsets drive behaviours and processes. That’s why we address all three at the same time. Our bespoke approach means we attack the specific attitudes and mindsets in use in the business unit we are working with.  Our way of thinking and working is to support whilst challenging, which is why we use more than one trainer in a workshop. This enables us to provide individual coaching at the same time as training with the group. And we believe that post-workshop support from the client’s managers as well as us is vital to embed the changes.