Client Feedback

Feedback from Field Managers Workshop October 2019

Out of a maximum of 4 points, how do you rate the standard of…Average Score
Workshop content4
Workshop structure3.88
Style of workshop delivery3.94
Materials used (posters, videos etc.)3.64
Preparatory materials3.71
How do you value this approach Vs. previous training approaches that you’ve received?3.82

Absolutely fantastic – very full on but an eye opener to the way you do things and slight differences can change the outcome would promote this workshop as powerful and very helpful. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next one!

Attend if you want a deep dive into the art/science behind getting the most out of yourself and your team

Great interactive course and very thought provoking

Be open minded, initially it may appear overwhelming due to the amount of material and timelines etc. around the room; however, it will soon make sense – great workshop – thank you

A unique experience that makes you question how you view everyday processes and how with small changes/ priorities you can see completely different results to benefit my time and my actions/outputs

Intense and thought provoking. It can really focus you and make you a better manager. Well worth it, but it is only going to work if you put it into practise.

Excellent 2 days. Put your trust in Doug and Mark and go with it.

My first course of this kind and I feel it’s set me up to manage in a more effective, confident style.

Really useful in a comforting environment.

Thought provoking

Training with real world applications and not just theory. Engaging.

Good, worthwhile thought-provoking workshop.

Fully interactive, full of content, new or old in the position you will take away loads of actions that you can use in every day!

A different approach/style to developing your skills which is highly effective.

I would express that the workshop has opened up a different way of thinking in a positive way, how to understand State of Play™/preparation and people planning.

Great way of thinking outside the box in some simple thought-provoking workshops and allowing you to think about your own styles and management.

Feedback from Field Managers Workshop July 2019

Unique, highly engaging, modern-era leadership course to help us become more effective. Great framework of simple tools to give maximum impact. The best 2-day course I have attended, and I have attended a lot.

I really liked the variety of the content and the way the room was visually set up. Kept me engaged for the 2 days.

Doug’s delivery was absolutely exceptional. Very thought-provoking, positive and a superb style.

Both the content and delivery were amazing and very engaging.

The best development workshop to upskill me in my role, and also to use the content personally.

Interactive nature of the sessions. Management principles made very easy and straightforward. Always reconfirming my knowledge and understanding.

Very informative, interactive, common-sense approach to managing people.

Dials you into your own leadership brand, to become more aware of other styles, so you can hone your enabling skills.

It made me see how I have made things more complicated than they need to be to be more efficient.

Content was great. At first, it felt like it was going to be a lot & that it wouldn’t make sense, but that wasn’t the case. Delivery of the days was a good balance of theory and practice. Liked not having role-plays. Follow up of pre-work. Standing up & moving around. Contribution from peers over the two days.

Doug excellent in his delivery – really engaging.

A great 2 days to give you a structure and toolbox, enabling you to get the best from your team.

Management Workshop December 2018

Brilliant, engaging, thought provoking & obvious

Some simple, but very strong concepts that can help in your everyday life. Great content and very, very good presenters!

Really makes you reflect about how we do things, and how effective change is – simple with the right guidance & tools

Truly worthwhile – it will change how you conduct yourself

Communication techniques for managers

Worthwhile – great time investment

The best use of two days for a long time!!

Good way to think about the basics of professionalism and making stuff happen

Highly interactive and engaging with real application

Straightforward ways to communicate more efficiently

Invaluable use of your time

Fun, interactive way to learn and improve the skills you have

Interactive, fun, no pressure to do more than you would want

Frameworks & tools to create the environment for more productive collaboration and achieving success

Free-flow style with loads of connecting and networking opportunity

An in depth, yet simple summary of how to become a better manager and become more efficient

Management Workshop November 2018

The Coloured Square team will offer you simple, practical tools that will help make you a more effective leader… if you use them!

Fluid, relevant & useful

An inclusive & dynamic real-world workshop

Not rocket science; stuff we all know we should be doing, but this reminds us of importance, and keeps it at the forefront of mind

An engaging, simple journey through the minefield of daily communication challenges

Simple & effective

Relaxed, yet impactful approach to think about personal communication & approaches

Acting on stuff you probably already know/do

Very hands-on & engaging material. Excellent for team-building

A practical & relevant 2-day workshop to develop individuals into effective leaders


An engaging session with lots of interesting discussion. Far more interaction and focus on my own challenges. The application of the content into my work happened in real-time!

A reiteration of what you should be doing as a manager and leader

Engaging & thought provoking

Great overview/refresher of what sounds common-sense once you’ve heard it, but has great value

A completely different style to anything done before, that covers basic content in a totally new approach. You’ll be surprised you’re not already doing it!

Excellent reminder of good management practise to drive change within an organisation. Thank you both – it’s been a very good use of my time!

Great set of enabling tools

Good interactive workshop showing how the basics are really important!!

Excellent workshop, lots of useful tools to help manage better!!

Fantastic approach to management training, and the fluidity makes it really fresh & engaging

Latest Field Managers Workshop Feeback

“Thoroughly enjoyed open interaction, going through the material”

“An excellent opportunity to share ideas and see your own world in a different light”

“Low pressure-high learning”

“Doug – thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you”

“I really enjoyed the two day course. Set the right mindset and got a lot of information, tools & structure that I can now implement and apply through my managerial development”

“Highly recommend to my level of management as it would provide a great base or useful refresh”

“The two days have really been an opportunity to think how effective I can be with my team. Also, using the Structured Call Menu to help how I structure myself”

“Great interactive sessions, really engaging and excellently articulated. Has given me some great ideas to take back to my hotel, but especially for myself development”

“Focus on importance of State of Play”

“Video examples”

“Activity, not just sitting at desk or screen”

“It’s a great way to remind yourself how you can see the wood for the trees”

“Quality of content”

“Really engaging”

“Learnt new tools I would definitely use”

“Simplicity of methods”

“Overdone Strengths”

“State of Play”

“Had a really good two days meeting a lot of interesting people. Shared experiences. Really liked how practical it was and how easy it is to put structure into my day”

“Adaptable content based on current role”

“Active and engaging – not PowerPoint”

“Content simplified and demonstrated – also related to work”

“Energetic… and real”

“Key skills gained and self reflection identified easy areas of improvement”

“Current structure simplified/improved”

“Great, beneficial course!”

“Doug’s style, very engaging and humorous”

“Different levels in the group made for varied contribution and different experiences”

“Content was great even though covered some before”

“Good pace”

“Really enjoyable couple of days, determined to put it into practice”

“Energetic presenter and presentation”

“Flowing material with structure”

“Enjoyed full course and got some useful tips from other colleagues that I will utilize in my role”

“Lots of tools to master but feel State of Play will be where I get more robust structured visits, and from them can identify if there are any development needs. As I continue to work in current role, I will utilise in bite-size chunks til it becomes ‘the norm’”

“Probably the best 2-day course I’ve ever had”

“Very encouraging & interesting”

“Standing up”

“I’m definitely taking away that ‘old dogs do learn new tricks!’”

“State of Play, Time Out, Pre-Call and Post-Call is what I found more interesting”

“Thank you Doug”

“Content, specifically State of Play and Time Out”

“An impressive amount of knowledge that was delivered and were actually in use throughout e.g. Doug taking visible Time Outs to get it together regarding content.”

“Thank you for the time and approach to the course”

“I like the fact that now I have a structure when I’m going to visits or having a meeting with my managers. I also liked that I had the chance to self reflect. Learnt a lot about myself. I enjoyed State of Play”

“I loved it”

“Overall, this is a very effective course, which should possibly roll out to the whole company”

“Thank you (:”

“Thought provoking”

“Comfort of situation”

“Helped recognise behaviours”

“How easy it is to get info out of the team and to ask the right questions”

“Easy tools to help me do my job to a higher standard”

Most Recent Feedback

“Colleagues have had a completely different experience to any previous development – it’s been creative, has captured their hearts & minds and given them courage to practise new ways of working. Activity is highly visible on the shop floor and is fully inclusive at all levels – by the end of the year we will not have a single team member who has not been touched by the Coloured Square development. The Programme intentionally commenced with the Senior Team, so that they could lead and support from the front and the learning has been layered to ensure it is embedded and sustainable. It’s been a culture and performance changing programme where valuable toolkits, techniques and mindsets have become part of our daily ways of working benefiting our clients, colleagues and our business. The results of partnering with Coloured Square have been first class with tangible business benefits – a testament to their excellent trainers, coaches and approach.”

– Director, Client Services, Banking

Most recent workshop in… Trainer Training

“Just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for the superb training last week. The trainers have been speaking so highly of the 3 days and are really looking forward to delivering the course. In addition to this, they have personally taken so much from this and I have already seen this being implemented in their training and conversations with stakeholders. Following the course, I am actively using this and have reflected on why I haven’t been getting the results or outcomes I want or need and have found that using SCM along with adapting my colour has already helped with this. The time you spent coaching myself and discussing my team has also been really valuable to help me work with them going forward.

One of the most beneficial personal development workshops I have attended in a very long time, so thank you” 🙂

“Enlightening, refreshing… FANTASTIC!!! This will make my job! Make me a better trainer. Thank You xxx”

“The best development workshop I have ever been on. Mentally demanding and challenging, but I felt supported and have come away a better trainer and coach. The best dual facilitation of a workshop that I have ever witnessed. Great job.”

“Best course I have attended in my 14 years here.”

“Both Doug & Mark will challenge and support you in a way that is encouraging and positive to aid your personal goals. Epic workshop!!”

“Really thought provoking, stretching and inspiring – it was a fantastic course – a real adult learning environment – thanks for all your feedback and coaching!”

“Very different. Engaging, enlightening and entertaining. Constantly thought provoking in the best possible way!”

“Challenging, awakening, self analysis, stretching and enjoyable. Valuable.”

“Invigorating, challenging, fun, scary – you’ll be amazed at what you learn!”


“Excellent training, approach and trainers. Thought provoking and engaging throughout. The best training I’ve done.”

“One of the best personal development workshops I have attended, ever. So much to take away from this that will make a difference to how I manage myself, my team and my stakeholders.”

“All fresh content; changed my way of thinking for the better.”

“Content was challenging but pitched at right level.”

“Varied approach, dovetailed delivery.”

“Took us step by step, checking understanding – made my confidence improve.”

“Structure let us practise and experiment.”

“Mark & Doug both practiced what they preached, living every step of The Structured Call Menu<sup>TM</sup>. They appealed to all Learning Styles. A joy to watch and take part.”

“Delivery was unique! Fast paced and fun.”

“Visuals promoted discussion and a ‘want’ to learn more outside the training room.”

“Posters on floors will stay with me.”

“The best training I have ever had! I highly recommend this course and would suggest all senior managers and trainers attend.”

“It’s opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and will increase my capability as a trainer.”

“After attending the workshop I now feel like a new person, with a wealth of knowledge.”

“This workshop has aided me more than any other in increasing my understanding of the role, and – more importantly – made it seem really achievable by making just a few small changes.”

“Increased my ability to adapt and flex behavioural styles to suit different audiences, in and out of a learning environment.”

Most recent workshop in… Wellbeing & Resilience

“Thought provoking, different to the ‘norm’, brings you out of your comfort zone”

“Great self-reflection time. Very thought provoking regarding how you can help yourself”

“A clear insight into how the brain works & how you can maximise its effectiveness to make better choices and discover better wellbeing”

“I like the common sense and simplicity – making a few minor changes can make a big difference.”

“A good way to reflect on your behaviour, how to manage pressure and take control again”

“Learn about the 4 main pillars that influence your wellbeing in an interactive and trusting environment”

“It’s given me a whole day out in a calm relaxed environment to reflect upon myself and how I can be better with just a few small tweaks.  I won’t try to do too much!”

“Making simple, minor changes by understanding them better can make a big difference”

“A calm, relaxing, unassuming, non-judging environment to spend time reflecting about myself”

“A great chance to engage with how you currently feel, it provides a relaxed and informative environment to generate ideas on how to improve your well-being.”

“Wake up call on how you perceive well-being and how it is controlled”

“An all-encompassing evaluation of what affects your wellbeing – and how you can notice and change aspects to improve your personal wellbeing”

“Thought provoking and a great opportunity to learn and share with others”

Other Development Workshops

Andrew – thanks for a great workshop to you and Alison for last week. I have already found success with the objection handling in a difficult meeting which went well and the other party saying at the end that they felt listened to and far less conflict then could have been the case. I have even been trying it with my three year old when he has had tantrums with some positive results!

“A great workshop for all trainers, regardless of their experience levels, for their own development.”

“Great personal development to enhance my own trainer skills and understanding of the material.”

“I definitely see myself getting more from and giving more to my delegates from this point. Lots to think about. Excellent course. Great trainers.”

“Hard work (brain-ache) but learnt a lot and good to try new things in a safe environment”

“Opportunity to self-develop and consider new techniques to use in role”

“An absolute must”

“Very interactive, hands on, full demo of models to see, hear, feel how they all work. Fantastic experience.”

“The most useful course to get the most from anyone in front of you. Great life skill course.”

“It will challenge your brain and change the way you think – for the better.”

“Three valuable days which give you the tools and skills to take control of yourself and your training room.”

“Energetic, focused, fun, informative, hugely developmental”

“Fantastic, fun, inspiring, potentially life-changing. Actually life-changing, as my thought processes have changed for the better”

More Reviews

“A vast amount of information delivered over a short space of time…..Now want to embed this into my routine.”

“I’ve worked with Doug for a long time now and I would describe him as someone who delivers. He doesn’t mess around. He knows what he’s doing and he gets on with it.”

“Thank you to you for all your support, advice and help over the last year. I have really enjoyed our sessions and these have consistently provided me with fresh insight and perspective, enabling me to get a better understanding of my own and other individuals strengths and weaknesses, as well enabling me to further develop my coaching and leadership skills. I know that in whatever I go on to do next, the coaching and training you have given me will be of enormous benefit and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

“Blows your socks off Full throttle material which really tests and pushes your abilities.”

“Time for change!! Quite brilliant!! Now I need to find the formula to implement my learning”

“Finding Coloured Square was just like finding a good plumber. Once you’ve found a good one, you hang onto them; a good plumber doesn’t need to advertise either – it’s all word of mouth”

“Our work with Coloured Square has enabled us to bring a training design and delivery methodology into Virgin Media that I could only have dreamt of 18 months ago!”

“That day was a massive turning point in my career – it’s completely changed the way I see myself in my job. That day meant so much to me ….I’ve been quite emotional about it since…. you are the only person in 17 years of working that’s made me able to see that.”

“Well guys my head is still spinning! I love a challenge and this material has made me completely review how I am dealing with my team, customers and colleagues – THANK YOU! Without question the most inspiring learning event I have attended, both in terms of content and your own delivery skills.”

“I can honestly say you had a very positive effect on my life and I will always appreciate the work you put into trying to improve me.”

“Personally I have taken loads of things away I will start using, and I know after speaking with my team today they will do the same. We all now understand why (our boss) was so excited during the introduction and share the enthusiasm she displayed yesterday!!”

“Thank you for yesterday. In true red style ahead of the day I was thinking not sure why we are doing this again! I have to say that the day resonated with me in a practical way that I think I have lost since the first workshop I attended. I got a huge amount out of the day.”

“I’ve just finished the Weekly Sales Meeting. There was a significant positive shift in energy in the meeting. The feedback from everyone involved has been excellent – and I’m delighted with the response. Thanks for listening and all your efforts over the past few months and especially thanks for the last two days.”

“Programmes are innovative, exciting, and designed to maximise learning opportunities.”

“It’s been really, really, really good since I was out with you. Time-Out is the thing that’s really making a difference…..the meeting is becoming so much more powerful, leading to some very specific targets at the end of the meeting. I used to just be nice to them at the end – now I’m being really clear with them about what I want & what we’ve agreed. As I walk out of stores now, I’m thinking I really did have a huge impact on that store. The managers are really noticing a difference – they’re saying things like “what’s he on, has he been taking drugs?!”

“On behalf of the Regional team can I thank you both for the superb event yesterday. Everyone left the event feeling fired up and motivated to get started with the Structured Call Menu and had done so this morning with an immediately positive effect.”

“Coloured Square make everyone else look mediocre! It matters to them a lot that you are successful in what you are setting out to achieve. There is a sense of personal responsibility coming from Mark.”

“I just have to tell you that I’ve been working on the meeting times and format from yesterday, and I’ve just done a call that was in the diary for 60 minutes, and we finished in 20 minutes. Same outputs, nothing lost from the meeting and everyone enjoyed the different approach. Brilliant!!! I’ve now got 40 minute in my diary… Happy days!!”

“I loved the practicality of the workshop, the space and ability to move about and try different approaches…. There are many tools which I can use back in the office starting today.”

“The approach you took initially, when you insisted they know every element of the core tools inside out, means they now feel really confident to make decisions about moving between them to achieve the outcome they want”

“First time I have had development like this, initially I felt a bit overwhelmed however as the day went on I understood how it all fitted together….It has really made me think about my team individually….I have taken things away that I can use immediately….Very enjoyable.”

“Andrew and Luke – great execution of examples which were relevant to our business – these brought the topics to life”

“A pacy well structured, engaging and rewarding experience….No PowerPoint – hurray!”

“Good pace of learning activities that helped keep me mentally sharp to get the best out of each session. Reflection time was also extremely helpful to collate thoughts and actions when ideas were still fresh in my mind …. content very helpful in moving my own self awareness to another level giving me an insight to how my team react differently towards me.”

“Each time I attend a Coloured Square Workshop I learn something new and relevant to my role”

“….this course will be hugely beneficial to my role….lots to practice, but keen that the learnings become ‘second nature’. Interaction with the AMs has been fantastic too….Thanks to Luke and Andrew who were excellent throughout. A great and very useful event”

“Great structure to work with and really gets you thinking about every time you speak to a member of the team. Course was a breath of fresh air compared with others.”

“Fantastic course. Challenged my perceptions of myself and helped me to understand ‘me’ … immediately beneficial. Has helped me to recognise how I can manage my Line Management as well as peers, getting the result I want”

“Excellent chance to review existing practice and challenge my own behaviours”

“Loved the freshness of approach”

“Some really constructive feedback….”

“Adding value to field managers to achieve business and personal effectiveness – thoroughly refreshing”

“Excellent, resourceful time. Changing the way in which you work to get the most from your time. Thoroughly enjoyable”

“Great worthwhile training, which gives plenty to think about and will challenge the way you think by arming you with new tools.”

“As a field based manager this is something different you cannot miss. It opens your mind.”

“Simple, straight forward support structure to gain clear goals and actions”

“Simplifying the mysticism of field management into simple, common sense easy to follow approaches”

“Enlightening and a great spin on established techniques which challenge your way of thinking and the way you do your work”

“Whilst doing my post call check after an AMAZING session I delivered last week  I recognised that it wouldn’t have been the success it was without all of the Coloured Square development I have received.

With only high level learning outcomes to work with I shaped an event which enabled the learners to THINK.  To do this I had to trust in what I knew and take regular time outs for myself throughout the two days.  

Not only did I feel confident and empowered to do what was required in the moment, I really truly enjoyed the sessions.

All that’s left to say is Thank you for recognising my potential all that time ago and thank you for your guidance and support ever since.

“Hi there Andrew,

Thanks for Friday and for the notes. Look forward to speaking this Friday. In the meantime just to reiterate the value of our “Thinking Space” time. Second time we have done this now. You’ll remember we did a similar exercise in Spring 2014 when I arrived in my previous role. The value of stepping back, reflecting and having some supportive challenge I believe was a key factor to mobilising fast in my old role and with success. We delivered a step change performance in the industry.

I’m confident our session on Friday for this next new role will be similarly impacting!”