Training System

Our training programmes take what we know, drives change and makes it relevant to the client to embed the desired change.

To ensure we are successful, we take time to understand the client’s context. We carry out observation in the field and learn firsthand the issues and prevalent mindsets, behaviours and processes that are preventing achievement.

Equipped with this knowledge, we draw from our catalogue of proprietary intellectual materials and models to design contextualised workshops with a logical and effective path to the desired result.

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The learning environment is a full-on, multi-sensory, multimedia one. The delivery team is made up of a trainer and a coach from the Coloured Square team. This enables us to combine group themes with personal challenges and gets all the participants engaged in the specific changes they intend to make. The process is relentless in working on the group to commit to making changes. Changes that the business and individual needs.

You’ll see early activities designed to create an atmosphere of trust and integrity. We work hard to establish the rapport early on that we need to start challenging people to try out new behaviours.

You’ll see two of our team working dynamically with the group, moving them one part of the room to another. You’ll see one of the team acting as ‘coach’, taking delegates out of the session for short, hard-hitting 1-to-1 coaching. You’ll see these delegates returning into the group to immediately try out new behaviours and techniques. You’ll hear their peers giving feedback on what’s different and making further suggestions on what to try.

We strive to re-invent and upgrade our materials and our approaches to our work constantly.